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  • Bridgestone Tour B330...

    Bridgestone Tour B330 -series offers you all you can get from a golf ball. It includes B330, B330-S, B330RX and B330RXS balls. B330 / B330-S are specifically designed for 105mph+ swing speeds for a tour level distance and B330-RX / B330-RXS for under 105mph swing speeds. This ball series is also designed to reduce spin with driver to maximize the distance. This 4-piece golfball has it all: great distance and control, soft feel on the greenside and great on the greens. B330-S / B330-RXS is more spinning option of this ball. NILA Golf recommends this ball.

  • Bridgestone E -series

    Bridgestone E -series offers three different balls. E5 is a 2-piece distance ball, E6 3-piece multilayer ball and E7 a ball with great speed. From E -series you will find a ball just for your swing. Check out the NILA Golf offers and pick your favorite.

  • Bridgestone Other

    From this category you will find Bridgestone xFIXx, Lady Precept and Treosoft balls.